Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ribbon Cutting for Campus New Cafeteria

Thanks to Mike Hunter and Jim Johnson for these photos. Students, teachers and alumni gather Sat Oct 11 noon for ribbon cutting ceremony. In this crowd photo: Mike Hunter, Bob Warne, Ray Lansdowne and Gene Marshall.

Over view of the new construction and site of the ceremony. New sod or grass seed not yet in place.

And the CHS Band Played On!

Alumni participate in the ribbon cutting at the exterior doors leading to the new cafeteria. The cafeteria is no longer in the center of the campus, but further east and connected to other buildings.
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Monday, November 3, 2008

Campus Open House and Reunion Weekend

Johnny Steele, Mary Jo Fraipoint, Stan Church and Mike Hunter seated in the new CHS cafeteria.

Johnny Steele and Karen Schlegel maybe making note of the 'missing' eye level windows in the new round cafeteria.

Carol McEnroe (class of 64 reunion organizer) with Kay Compton and Floydine Van Dorian.
Loren Stephens Campus and Kaye Compton both 62 grads, compare memories in the CHS library.
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Open House and Evening Get-Together

Jim Johnson's photo from the afternoon Open House: Looking for familiar places, but instead finding familiar faces were: Ray Lansdowne and Robert R.T. Lawton and Kiti Lawton.

R.T. wrote the following in a follow-up email after the Oct 08 Reunion: ..."Kiti and I enjoyed talking with everyone, and truth be known, I probably conversed with more Campus High people last weekend than I did in 1960-61. Seems like work and other organizations got in the way back then...It was amazing to find out how far some of our Campus people had gone, the events they had been involved in, the pieces of history they'd made, and all this from what was essentially a rural high school at the time. On the other hand I had trouble finding physical reference points. The cafeteria was demolished to build a bigger, better one, all the campus style buildings are now joined by one long, connecting walkway, the locker bays at one end of each building are gone, the auditorium/theater is being remodeled, the football stadium is no longer on campus, and I couldn't find a single classroom I could swear I learned in... In the end, my reference points became the people I went to Campus High with and all the stories they had to tell. And, in the end, the people in your life are what's important in life. I wished I could have spent more time conversing with some of them. Perhaps we'll continue at the 50th Reunion.

Scott Kiehl and Larry Staats, past Co-Captains of the CHS Wresting team. Both agreed to pose in the similar pose found in the 1962 yearbook, but declined the invitation to remove their shirts to closer match the '62 photo.

Larry's Campus HS transportation. Scott Kiehl said he was a sometimes companion to and from school...that was if Larry wasn't transporting a recent girlfriend in the two-seater.

Royce Parish remarked he was surprised to see two others wearing California style shirts. From Left: Royce Parish - Gene Marshall TX and Chris Dunlap KS. Bill Lawton, Wichita - Rob Robinson NY and Larry Staats, Wichita.
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More Evening Get-together CHS Library

Yearbook, Scrapbooks and Colt Special Newspapers were on display at the afternoon Open House and the Evening Get-Together.
Sherry and Norm Slade browse the Campus Scrapbooks. Linda Staats, Carol McEnroe and Sheila Orange Campus '64 Grads visit during the evening in the CHS library.

Gary Jenkins, Bob Warne and Janet Jenkins at the evening get-together.

Michele Sealey 62' grad and Ray Lansdowne '61 grad pose and plead guilty...Ray was the organizer and Michele his accomplice for the recent 61-62 Campus Reunion 08 that took advantage of the school's Open House and Homecoming activities to meet and start plans for the school's first 50th reunion in 2011.
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Reunion Motel Headquarters

Sandy Kolb and Janet and Gary Jenkins seated and watching the OU - Texas football game on Saturday AM. KU boosters Royce Parish and Sherry Slade looking for the KU Game.

Kay Compton another OU fan watching the football game in the Comfort Inn South's hotel lobby. Comfort Inn was the official hotel lodging for the Campus Reunion Weekend.

Stan Chruch, Colorado breakfasting with friends on Sunday Oct 12th.

Royce Parish, California stayed over a day to tour Wichita and the check out the area's changes since the 60's.

Mike Hunter Campus 62 Grad packed and leaving the Comfort Inn. Mike said he hoped to see everyone 'again' in 2011 at the 50th Reunion.
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Monday, October 6, 2008

1961 Varsity Football Team

The first Campus Varsity Football Team

Campus Cheer Squad / left back to front: Karen Chitwood, Sue Grabeal and Kay Langhoffer / right back to front: Cozete Walker, Merri Edwards and Lynda Atkins.

Our Coaches.

Campus First Homecoming Program Oct 13, 1961
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Updates to "Brigadoon"

Brigadoon Revisited: Interested alumni from the 1961 production of Brigadoon may be invited to make a guest star appearance on stage.  2009 Performance March 5th, 6th & 7th.  Contact Campus High School if you are interested in being on stage again or plan to attend one of the performances.

Re-Post of 1961 Brigadoon program pages. To read the program pages click on each photo.
Thanks again to Ray for scanning and sharing this program booklet.

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Tryouts and Rehearsals for "Brigadoon"

Brigadoon in the Colt Special Campus News and the "Yearling" 1961 Campus Yearbook.

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Brigadoon From Ray Lansdowne's Campus Album

Following Pages Compliments of Ray Lansdowne aka Tommy Albright from the Campus High Production "Brigadoon."

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